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In our shop you find an exceptional aluminum free deodorant, Lavilin. It is based on a patented bio-balance formula that contains antibacterial herbs and probiotics. Lavilin is also free of alcohol and parabens, it allows your skin to perspire as usual and thus all biological processes continue to function as they should. Good bacteria neutralizes odor bacteria and therefore Lavilin deodorant keeps you odor free unusually long! One application and you can keep living as usual; Exercise, swimming, sports, etc. It is especially suitable for those who are active. Lavilin is water resistant ie you can shower without a need to apply the deodorant again. It’s good to know that antiperspirants based on aluminum chloride close the pores so that all sweat closes and natural detox process is disturbed. The lymph nodes can be damaged and in case you did not know, this is where most of the cleansing of toxic substances in our bodies happens! It is therefore absolutely necessary to let the skin perspire. Sweat in the armpits also regulates your body temperature and balances the body’s salt levels. Lavilin deodorants do not contain baking soda or salts that some people with sensitive skin might get an allergic reaction.

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